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AussieGlobe is a discussion list for Aussie-enthusiastics all over the globe
that wants to connect Aussiepeople from as many countries as possible
this international character distinguishes AussieGlobe from other lists
language: English

AussieGlobe wants to be a discussion list
with a true Aussie character!

a list with great style and enthousiasm
attentive and animated
you can be reserved (just lurk)
but viciousness is intolerable

Do you...

...want to discuss Aussie-related topics with an open mind and respect for each others opinions?
...want to exchange information about the Australian Shepherd?
...want to know what is going on worldwide regarding Aussies?
...want to get in touch with Aussiefanciers all over the globe?
...want to let the world know more about the breed in your country?
...want to know more about doggy life in other countries?
...or do you just like to 'talk Aussie'?

...Then join AussieGlobe!

All Aussielovers are welcome to join AussieGlobe,
but the list will focus on fanciers who breed, show and/or work their Aussies in any canine sport

When you just want to lurk, no problem - you can lurk.
When you want to say something, have your say at AussieGlobe!

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